Data Center

At Selfinger, we believe that, an efficient data center is more than just, walled rooms with data networking wires and a central cooling system. Our Data Centers are structures, that serve three purposes: to better facilitate the maintenance and upgrading of our servers while optimizing the energy efficiency of our servers, all in a secure environment. The unique eco-friendly shapes of our data center rooms, allow unobstructed cool air to pass through the servers without any loss of air flow, consistent with an eco-friendly green environment.

Only our server and maintainence technicians are accredited and qualified to physically access any of the servers we host. Our data centers are secured by a secure access system, video surveillance and security personal, 24 hours each day and 7 days per week.

Our data centers are also secured by a fully equipped state of the art, fire warning and suppression system. Our maintainence staff and technicians are present day and night in our network data centers and will intervene as soon as any potential failure is detected on any server. We deliver much more than just added value for our customers.

We guarantee a great hosting experience, with no surprises ....  We Promise !