by Frances Ilnicky-Van Ameyden: I’ve never read author Colleen Oakley novels, but The Mostly True Story of Tanner and Louise suggests I may read her other novels.

The first few chapters did not lead me to think about reading more of this story, nor any other works by Ms Oakley. (An older teen girl groaning and moping about her “sorry life” was a downer to this reader.) But,  I plunged ahead, and,  to my surprise and gratification, I am glad I did.

Ms Oakley’s characters came to life and are well- rounded, lively, and funny! The author’s sense of humor tickled me no end! Additionally, by book’s end a higher purpose for the characters’ escapades comes to life, and a resolution is reached.

Truth: I not only will read another novel by Colleen Oakley, but I will look forward to reading it.