Refund Policy

All VPS Hosting and or service packages are priced for monthly usage, and billed for a per monthly usage basis. The start day of a hosting plan starts on the day of the initial hosting package is delivered to the customer (usually the same day of purchase). A customer can cancel a VPS hosting package at any time, without any further obligation.

We make every effort to provide to our customers a premium quality service with good client support, 7 days a week. A customer may cancel any order, prior to the fullfillment of the order and recieve a full refund on any unfullfilled order that was placed by them, prior to the fullfillment of that order and the customers payment will be refunded in full, with no further payment obligation. Once the order and order details are delivered to a customer, all payment for services are considered final and are non-refundable. The cancellation exception is for the UK (United Kingdom) customer is; there is a 7 day cancellation period after delivery, with no further payment obligation. Otherwise, we do not provide trial periods or refunds or money back for services rendered and activated on our network. Occasionally, we may provide in our sole discretion, to certain clients a grace period in which to utilize our services, for a limited time period, and only for certain products. These offers are not intended or available to the general public, and are offered only by invitation to specific customers and clearly posted in regards to specific products.

Billing Disputes
The customer and or account holder is responsible to ensure that the accuracy of your invoice is correct. You must contact us of a billing error within 30 days of the error for adjustments, that may exist on your billing invoice. Credits will not be issued for invoice disputes that are listed on your account older than the most recent billing cycle of 30 days. In the event of a adjustment in your services, a customer will receive a credit at the sole discretion of Selfinger.